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Bluephoto is a documentary photographers´ collective.

It springs up from the need of vindicating anonymous stories, shaped on the fringe of the media´s focal points.It claims for a documentary approach within the framework of contemporary photography and sticks to making visible the greatness of everyday life which, we believe, deserves to be told.

Bluephoto is both a meeting point and a new starting point.

It is a platform of constant debate to interchange knowledge, experiences, doubts and illusions, which ends at an enrichment of each new proposal.

It is a collective creation project.

It pretends, by the resounding power of the image, to be part of the moment in which we live and the landscape that we occupy, providing its own visual analysis about the current social issues.

It proposes individual and collective projects and accepts assignments from media, agencies and publishing houses from all over the world. It is born with a local vocation and an international aim.

To document means to testify, to attest; to deepen where the present informative media does not arrive or covers only the most relevant moments. It means to enrich a visual proposal through a slow process until its maturity, aiming to acquire the perspective and the good sense that the time grants.

It involves to identify us with the places in which we photographically lived and to compromise, with honesty and respect, with the protagonists of the stories that we narrate, trying to bring about some reflection of our ways of reading the world.

To document means, definitely, to tell stories that can transcend or survive time. In our utopia, to document contributes to humanize the society that welcomes us.

To document is to stop and think, to listen, to watch.

The daily thing deserves to be told.

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