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Neighbors Corrala "Utopía"
36 families who became homeless because of the crisis, have occupied a building of new construction in Seville, which was still uninhabited almost 3 years ago after being finished. It is their way to demand to the authorities to find solutions for the thousands of families who are homeless. Only in the province of Seville, more than 6,000 families have lost their homes in the past two years while around 114,000 homes, many of them owned by banks, remain empty.
And the day come...
There were many nerves, fear, many doubts on what might happen, but also excitement and necessity. We looked among us, we held our sweaty hands, we hugged and kissed to each other and we gave deep sighs to relax the adrenaline. Finally we entered, more nerves, more laughs, more crying and a balcony full of light, which we continuously come out to feel the support and applause of everybody who had come to support us; telling us that what we were doing was an act of justice, that we have the right to have a home, as it reads in our constitution.
After the euphoria, the preparations; distribution of the flats depending of the needs: low for old people and who had some kind of of mobility problems. The rest was divided into three groups according to the members of each family, and as if it were a magic box, each one was taking the paper out with the house that their hand had chosen.
I have never before seen the eyes of my colleagues so big: shouts, jumps, laughs and tears. It was like a game of girls, but real. The hours passed slowly, we ate the sandwiches that we had brought and we smoked non-stop. We were waiting to be able to download the van with our personal belongings, mattresses, sheets, buckets, pans... but the colleagues who ensured our security told us that it wasn't possible yet. We went to have a shower and we stayed together in one flat, which was the only furnished: although we could enter our own flats we preferred to stay together. The only mattress was for Ana because she is the oldest; the rest of us slept in the couches and the floor with our bag like a pillow.I
t was a very long, strange, exciting and absolutely unforgettable night.Those began the adventure of the Utopia Corrala according to Carmen, one of the protagonists, Ana, Vanesa, Manuela, Mercedes, Aguasanta, Carmen and Maria are some of the women that put a voice and a face to the social crisis that currently happen in Spain.

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