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The last king of America
Mururata, Nord Yungas (Bolivia). 2012.
The only existing monarchy in the entire American continent survives in the Bolivian Andes. Don Julio Pinedo, Afro-Bolivian king, is a direct descendant of the former Congolese King, Uchicho, who come to America by error among the many slaves brought from Africa by the Spaniards in the colonial era. Crowned as a monarch by the Afro-Bolivian community in 1992, its institutional figure is recognized by the Bolivian Constitution and the United Nations. Those old haciendas and slavery coca fields, today give home to 35,000 Afro-Bolivians in coexistence with the Aymara. They are descendants of those first black slaves, they respect the figure of their King while they struggle by continue to maintain their cultural identity.

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