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Nights of Victory
José Antonio de Lamadrid   

Nights of Victory

Cairo (Egypt), 2011

Just one week after the ends of the White revolution in Egypt, young people concentrate every Friday night at the most centric and important Cairo squares. They celebrate the triumph revolts and the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak’s regime, which was in power for more than thirty years.

Trapped. An intimate ...
Lolo Vasco   

Trapped. An intimate portrait of Cuba

Cuba 2008

When you arrive in Cuba you have the pleasant sensation of traveling back into the past: Cars, buses, bicycles, houses, buildings, bars, hotels, seem to be fixed in time, but its charm veils both disappointment and failure for many citizens...

Muslim minority in Spain
José Antonio de Lamadrid   

Muslim minority in Spain

Talayuela, Almendralejo, Spain, 2007

Talayuela and Almendralejo are characterized by an economy dependent on the cultivation of tobacco and its host to large numbers of immigrants, especially Moroccan. 93% of the inmigrants in Spain are Moroccan citizens, followed in minor proportion by Ecuadorians, Algerians, Senegalese, Portuguese, and other.

A fragile Treasure, Amazon
David Estrada Larrañeta   

A fragile Treasure, Amazon

Amazonas, August, 2010

Sunrise. Birds and reptiles of all species begin to sing. The river is lukewarm and the weather is hot. The Amazon, that never stops running, now comes to life with the arrival of the day.

Inmigrants in London
Susana Girón   

Inmigrants in London

London (UK). December, 2010

ESOL Courses (English for Speakers of Other Languages) have created a common bridge between immigrants in the UK. Many work to learn or improve their English and to integrate themselves in British Culture.

Afternoon of bullfight
Lolo Vasco   

Afertoon of bullfight

Maestranza de Sevilla, April 2009

Five in the afternoon, tea time in England, bullfight time in Seville.From a bird's eye view, the environment of the Maestranza bullring is a colorful anthill. The public arrived with a full kit of props: clean shoes, a cigar in the mouth, a cardigan on the shoulder and a small pillow.


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