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Christians Minorities in...
José Antonio de Lamadrid   

Christians Minorities in Turkey

Estambul (Turkey), 2007

Turkey 2007. The old Constantinople silently welcomes new generations of Christians. Istanbul is in the shadow of its minority Greek and Armenian orthodox communities.

Sahara, lives surrounded
José Antonio de Lamadrid   

Sahara, lives surrounded

Saharauis refugee camp, Tinduf (Algeria), 2010

Algeria 2010. The life in the camps of the Sahara is very demanding with its humble inhabitants. The temperatures in the shade can reach up to 55 degrees. Without resources, without crops, only some animals accompany the saharauis day after day.

Medellín, cruel hope
David Estrada Larrañeta   

Medellín, cruel hope.

Colombia, 2006-2009

To see the impossible it is advisable to look at Medellín: obstinate hope amongst tenacious violence. Its image, sometimes made up, confuses but enchants.

Legacies. Generations in...
Susana Girón   

Legacies. Generations in transit

Huéscar (Granada, Spain). December, 2009

There is a generation of women born in Spain during the postwar period. Yesterday they took care of their parents, today of their children and grandchildren. This feminine group represents the point of contact between tradition and modernity.

"Spain Destiny"
Lolo Vasco   

"Spain Destiny", Senegaleses immigrants in Almeria

Roquetas de Mar, Almería 2010

"Everyone is concerned about the issue of immigration, but nobody cares"
Martin Aldalur

Water in Malawi
José Antonio de Lamadrid   

Water in Malawi

Malawi, 2008

Malawi 2008. The lack of water impoverishes and maintains the under-development of one of the poorest countries of Africa. In Malawi, 65% of the population live in extreme poverty.


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