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Flood Eden
ILISU dam, Tigris Valley. Turkey
The Turkish Government is driven a pharaonic project Southeast of Anatolia, which provides for the construction of 22 swamps – some of them, already built - and 19 hydroelectric plants in the Valley of the Tigris, as the intended engine of the country's development. The majority Kurdish community in this area, alleged that the project intends the double disperse its people in order to dilute its identity and put an end to their culture.
The Irish archaeologist, Maggie Ronayne, considered the work, "A weapon of mass cultural destruction".
The Ilisu Dam, is the second of the country's largest hydroelectric project, after the Ataturk dam and it would mean the displacement of at least 80,000 people, mostly Kurds; It would flood 15 towns and over 200 villages, in addition to the historical city of Hasankeyf, with its 12,000 years old and would generate serious problems downstream, Syria and Iraq.
There is an international campaign against the dam of Ilisu, which denounces the lack of consultation with those affected, the refusal to consider other alternatives and the serious environmental, social and cultural impact that would have, as well as a plan of rehousing and compensation difficult to carry out in most of the cases, by the lack of accreditation on the possession of these lands.

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