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The Crossroads Palestine
"Palestine is already low. Step by step, Israel is obliterated. Since 1948, the Palestinians are condemned to perpetual humiliation. They can not even breathe without permission. They have lost their country, their land, their water, their freedom, their everything. I do not even have the right to choose their rulers. To be justified, the State terrorism terrorist manufactures: crop sowing hatred and alibis. Settlers invade, and after them the soldiers are correcting the border ".
Eduardo Galeano

When you return from those lands, the silence comes over for a few days. Bring not want to talk, or to have, or even mourn. It's something else, a deep sadness fills you.
You understand nothing."It is a collective madness, without remedy", you think.
And when you start talking, you do not know where to start. You feel a deep sorrow for the children, Palestinians and Israelis, abused, and each other, for human injustice, inside a giant factory of hate.
Palestine is an indecipherable maze walls and barbed wire, desolate land, streets and other borders within borders invented, a permanent destruction territory guarded by armed men and women with guns loaded with hate and fear.Apparent helplessness, despair, anger and sadness; much sadness after all.
It is an embarrassing test tube of psychological torture, allowed.And even within this barbarism, from both sides, is sanity step:
Yanuv *, an Israeli taxi driver in Jerusalem, settlers complained Jews from anywhere. "It's an invasion by political interests, no one has asked. I have nothing to do with Jews from Russia or Argentina, but my children are forced to take up arms for 3 years and protect our Palestinian neighbors. My best friends are Palestinians, I grew up with them, we played and raised in peace on the same street. Everyone prays to his god, but we are of the same soil, drink the same water. Those who come are strangers with different customs, different culture. ""It's to get crazy"
Abdul, a Palestinian from Nablus, father of three children killed in the conflict, proposed: "The only way to reconcile, is to bring Israeli and Palestinian children of this battered land, who live and learn to love. Then when they grow up, they look from outside this madness and want to come together to bring peace. ""Suffering has roots so deep that the only solution must come from healthy minds."Thoughts such as these enlightened or cultural projects like the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra founded in 1999 by Barenboim and the Palestinian philosopher Edward Said, symbolizing the overcoming of human conflict, are the thread of hope of this painful conflict with principle but endless.
Yanuv * is not a real name fear of reprisals.

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