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Finalist in ‘Caminos del Hierro 2011’
Susana Girón   Thursday, 10 February 2011



Susana Girón, photographer, and one of the founder of Bluephoto, is among the finalists of the prestigious photographic contest `‘Caminos del Hierro’, that celebrates its 25th edition this year.

The contest is convened annually by the Foundation of Spanish Railroads. In this edition the organization has received more than 2,200 images from artists drawn from 31 countries.  The final decision of the judges will take place at the end of February, in Madrid.  At that time an exhibition of the work of the winners will begin and a new book of selected photographs will be published in 2011.

'Mientras leía’ by Susana Girón is one of the images selected as a finalist for the award.  The photograph is in black and white and it was taken in the Paris underground, in 2010.

Bluephoto at Territorios Sevilla
Lolo Vasco   Thursday, 10 February 2011



territoriosSince 2000, Lolo Vasco, photographer of Bluephoto has worked for the organization at the "Festival International de Musica de los Pueblos",during the first days of July, the Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art in the La Cartuja Monastery becomes the venue for the majority of the festival's events.

Bluephoto at Seville European Film Festival
Lolo Vasco   Thursday, 10 February 2011



cine_sevillaLolo Vasco was, once again, the official photographer of the Seville European Film Festival, this contest took place for the first time in the capital of Andalucia eight years ag, since then, Lolo Vasco has documented its official section and all the parallel events, the 7th edition of the festival attracted an audiance of 88.324 participants, increased by 25% with regard to the previous edition
Lolo Vasco is also one of the official photographers that documents Seville Flamenco Biennial. -

Lolo Vasco at San Sebastian Jazz Festival
Lolo Vasco   Thursday, 10 February 2011



jazz_al_diaFor another year, Lolo Vasco has documented the 2010 edition of San Sebastian Jazz Festival, this festival is one of the most prestigious jazz events in Europe, According to the organization, the 45th edition was attended by more than 106.000 people

Lolo Vasco came to the city in 1999 due to his personal work, since then, this photo documentalist and a founder member of Bluephoto has documented the whole festival's programme, working for the organization and some international media, e.g. The New York Times, the best jazz comes back to Donosti in July 2011.

Mazdi exhibition, Water in Malawi
José Antonio de Lamadrid   Thursday, 10 February 2011



The photographic exhibition `Mazdi, water in Malawi' continues to be exhibited in different Spanish exhibition halls. The work belongs to José Antonio de Lamadrid, a documentary photographer of Bluephoto, who developed this work during 2008, in collaboration with the journalist Nuria Tamayo.

The exhibition comprises of forty black and white images.  The narrative argument of the work intends to denounce and portray the difficulties for standardized access to the water for more than fourteen million inhabitants of one of the poorest countries of Africa.

The difficulties in rational consumption increased the number of diseases among the population, especially in children, elevating the rates of infant mortality. Lamadrid tries to draw attention to the consequences of the poor distribution, the lack of sanitary conditions and the absences of an irrigation systems in Malawi, which means they are failing to fulfill one of the basic millennium objectives for African.

The exhibition is accompanied by a fifteen minute documentary shot in HD format.

Soon, the exhibition will travel to the cities of Malaga and Huelva, although the dates must still be confirmed.

Autism Calendar 2011
José Antonio de Lamadrid   Thursday, 10 February 2011



The Autism Association of Seville has already made its annual calendar for all those who want to support those families affected by the disease. The calendar’s launch coincided with the celebration of the International Day for People with Disabilities. All the photographs are from Jose Antonio de Lamadrid, a founding member of Bluephoto, who has worked selflessly with the Association for more than five years.

Children with diverse disabilities and a good number of bullfighting figures feature in this year’s calendar.   Matadors such as Emilio Muñoz, ‘El Cid’, Salvador Cortés, Oliva Soto, ‘Espartaco’, Víctor Puerto, Esaú Fernández, Campuzano’s brothers , Eduardo Dávila or Rafael Peralta have lent their image – along with the disabled children – for the 2011 edition.

The bullfighting commentator Ignacio de Cossío also collaborated with the calendar this year.

In the photograph, the bullfigther Emilio Muñoz plays alongside one of the children in the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla, who provided the facilities for the photo-shoot.

Madzi, Agua en Malawi
José Antonio de Lamadrid   Friday, 17 July 2009



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