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The last king of America

Mururata, Nord Yungas (Bolivia). 2012.

The only existing monarchy in the entire American continent survives in the Bolivian Andes. Don Julio Pinedo, Afro-Bolivian king, is a direct descendant of the former Congolese King, Uchicho, who come to America by error among the many slaves brought from Africa by the Spaniards in the colonial era. Crowned as a monarch by the Afro-Bolivian community in 1992, its institutional figure is recognized by the Bolivian Constitution and the United Nations.


Refugees women in Istanbul

Istanbul (Turkey). 2012. Work in progress

Turkey, a country of entry to Europe, has become an insurmountable wall for tens of thousands of immigrants on their dream of reaching Europe. More than 150,000 people are in this situation, and more than 50,000 are trying to survive in the city of Istanbul. The majority comes from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, ex Soviet republics and Syria.


People what I never saw

París (France). 2009-2012. (Work in progress)

These pictures were taken on Paris tube, line 4. They show the moment when two trains, in opposite directions run at maximum speed. To my eyes is impossible to see more than confusing lights. But my camera can take and show me what I couldn't see. From my rear window I can feel the underground atmosphere of big cities. Through the portraits of people that I never saw, a portrait of a society: a sordid society of weaknesses, excesses and loneliness. Then we see the purity of gesture from those not knowingly observed.


When the passion is overflowed

Morata de Tajuña, Madrid, January, 2012

This is the story of an 85 years old farmer, Justo Gallego, who has been building a cathedral in a village near Madrid for the last 50 years. He focused on constructing the temple to God, without having any knowledge in architectural plans or official aid.


Daugthers of the mist. Coca women

Nord Yungas (Bolivia). 2012

Bolivia, one of the main producers of coca leaf, has recently undertaken a hard fight against drug trafficking. Even so, its laws respect and protect the cultivation and traditional use of the coca leaf, firmly rooted in the society, culture and Bolivian customs.


The shell fishers of Cambados. The cooperative effort.

Cambados (Pontevedra). September 2011-May 2012

From always the Ría of Arousa was a heritage of everybody that wanted to be served by her. The Ría was exhausting her resources, at the time that intermediaries and wholesalers were buying to the fall the shellfish that the shell fishers were gathering twice a day. Before this unfair situation, The Galicians organized and prepared themselves and promised to fight to dignify ad for regularizing their profession...


Memory of reconciliation.

Morata de Tajuña, Madrid, February, 2012

Goyo Salcedo (Morata de Tajuña, Madrid 1944) is a pensioner who, since he was eight years old, gathers lost objects in the surronding fields of his town, the ancient fields battles. These half-buried objects belong to one of the fiercest battles of the Spanish Civil war: the Battle of Jarama. For fifty years, his conscience has forced him to cross with a metal detector the fields of village and the olive groves, and to assembling more than thrirty thousand pieces that today are exposed in the private Museum of the Jarama, which himself has created in Morata de Tajuña (Madrid).


Rocío’s way: pilgrims, tradition and a dose of humor.

El Rocío (Huelva, Spain). June 2011

As every year, at precisely 7 a.m. the Brotherhood of Huelva leaves its seat at the Onubense capital to Rocío’s village. It is lead by the Older Brother who harangues the pilgrims from his horse between penance and celebration.

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