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Santa Cruz, A Full Island
David Estrada Larrañeta   

Santa Cruz Islet

Bolívar. Colombia

The islet of Santa Cruz is a small piece of land that grew in size due to human intervention. Ancient fishermen from the area settled there looking to evade the mosquito plague on other islands.

Ayapel, a flooded house.
David Estrada Larrañeta   

Ayapel, la casa inundada.

Mojana, Colombia

The life, culture and history from the inhabitants of the area known as Colombian Mojana has been developed always in the water but 30 months ago, when the Cauca river bursts, their daily lives changes.

The last king of America
Susana Girón   

The last king of America

Mururata, Nord Yungas (Bolivia). 2012.

The only existing monarchy in the entire American continent survives in the Bolivian Andes. Don Julio Pinedo, Afro-Bolivian king, is a direct descendant of the former Congolese King, Uchicho, who come to America by error among the many slaves brought from Africa by the Spaniards in the colonial era. Crowned as a monarch by the Afro-Bolivian community in 1992, its institutional figure is recognized by the Bolivian Constitution and the United Nations.

Los nuevos conversos
José Antonio de Lamadrid   

Los nuevos conversos Sufíes en España.

Cambría, Cáceres, Spain

aquí el texto.

Three, Three, Three
José Antonio de Lamadrid   

Three, Three, Three

Seville, Spain, 2012-13

Alejandro, Álvaro and Jaime  are 18 years old brothers,  they were born triplets with autism, a complex neurological disorder that affects about 1 in 166 children in the world.

Children affected by autism spectrum disorder can have a wide variety of symptoms including problems with communication and socialization skills.

These makes them incapable of normal social relationships.

The Crossroads Palestine
Lolo Vasco   

The Crossroads Palestine


"Palestine is already low. Step by step, Israel is obliterated. Since 1948, the Palestinians are condemned to perpetual humiliation. They can not even breathe without permission. They have lost their country, their land, their water, their freedom, their everything. I do not even have the right to choose their rulers. To be justified, the State terrorism terrorist manufactures: crop sowing hatred and alibis. Settlers invade, and after them the soldiers are correcting the border "

Eduardo Galeano

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